[PDF] Halo | by ✓ R.C. Stephens #2021

[PDF] Halo | by ✓ R.C. Stephens, Halo, R.C. Stephens, Halo Contemporary Romance Coming November I fell in love with Thomas Wells and knew he was my forever I was sixteen when I gave him my heart Our love was the kind to last a lifetime But Thomas was broken The first day we met he told me he was going to become a Navy SEAL At nineteen he enlisted At twenty he married me At twenty five he left me pregnant and didn t turnContemporary Romance Coming [PDF] Halo | by ✓ R.C. Stephens - Halo, Halo Contemporary Romance Coming November I fell in love with Thomas Wells and knew he was my forever I was sixteen when I gave him my heart Our love was the kind to last a lifetime But Thomas was brok
  • Title: Halo
  • Author: R.C. Stephens
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 315
  • Format: Paperback

  • Halo By R.C. Stephens [PDF] Halo | by ✓ R.C. Stephens - Halo, Halo Contemporary Romance Coming November I fell in love with Thomas Wells and knew he was my forever I was sixteen when I gave him my heart Our love was the kind to last a lifetime But Thomas was brok
    R.C. Stephens
    As far back as R.C Stephens can remember she was a sucker for a good romance Of course there had to be a prince charming even if he ultimately was a dark knight and there had to be a happy ending She watched the movie Dirty Dancing way too many times growing up and Jean Claude Van Damme movies too Go figure After years of saying she would write a book one day, she finally put pen to paper and carved out the plot line for what would eventually become the best selling Twisted Series Now R.C is just finishing up her tenth book and can t seem to stop the stories running through her mind Visit R.C on her FB page to find out what s new in her life and what releases she has coming up.facebook rcephens.8

    Halo By R.C. Stephens

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    Donna ~ The Romance Cover
    Halo by RC Stephens3.5 stars How can she really fall for someone she doesn t truly know How can I even like myself when I don t know who I am Halo was not what I was expecting, this was my first read by this author and I was attracted to the cover and the synopsis in the first instance It is hard to say what I thought it was going to be, but this wasn t it, if that makes sense, but it is unexpected in a good way.Halo and Thomas were childhood sweethearts They met in their teens and their relatio [...]

    Could there possibly be a dumber premise for a novel than Halo by R.C Stephens I think not I was going to toss it on the DNF pile but decided I had to finish it because I couldn t imagine that the big reveal could possibly be what I thought no that would be way too stupid, right No author in their right mind would come up with as far fetched a story as this one and expect readers to actually buy into it I m not going to rehash the whole monotonous plot because many other reviewers have already d [...]

    I was so intrigued with this book and couldn t put it down once I started Halo and Thomas meet when she was 15 and he was 17 From the start, he was the bad boy who only had eyes for the shy and innocent Halo When Halo s parents get killed in a car accident, Thomas steps up to take care of Halo and becomes her everything But she knew from the start that Thomas was ready to leave he was enlisting to become a Navy Seal It was always a part of the plan and she was ok with that.The years of deploymen [...]

    Paula White
    3.5 I enjoyed this but view spoiler how did not one person know that it was Thomas Agree he had been scared but his eyes Earlier in the book he h mentions them a lot so wouldn t there have been a hint of recognition hide spoiler

    3.75 stars I really enjoyed this book It s safe and very cute yet emotional as well But I would have liked her to make thomas work for his forgiveness What he did was horrible in my eyes and I think she should ve told him the troubles she went through, and he should ve suffered for his actions

    I liked this book but didn t love it The plot was really emotional, a tear jerker It started out good but the story dragged in the end The big twist was very predictable and highly unbelievable.

    What can I say about this EPIC book from RC Stephens Well, to start offI absolutely LOVED it The story of Halo and Thomas s romance was gripping, intensely emotional and soul searingly unforgettable Halo meets Thomas, the love of her life at 16, but she knew from the beginning that his dream was to become a Navy Seal Years later, they are married and Thomas has been to war, seen and done many things that mess him up totally much so that when Halo tells him she s going to have his baby, he comple [...]

    I will always love you You are the light in my darkness 4 starsI was intrigued by the blurb of this book when I first read it, the beginning hooked me in, and I was completely caught up in the heart felt journey of these characters Halo and Thomas were teenage sweethearts Her home life was loving and supportive, whereas his was violent and desperate, yet they connected instantly and fell in soul deep love, determined to be together forever They survived disapproving parents, loss and devastation [...]

    Dawn Nicole Costiera
    4.5 Stars RC Stephens is on a roll with another great book Halo is the second book I ve read of hers The first was Dick and I loved it as well What I have learned about RC in these two books is that she writes unexpected love stories with very atypical storylines All of her characters feel pure, loveable and definitely relatable Halo, Thomas and Ryder s story is both heartbreaking and wondrous Halo is about a once in a life time love, that was found twice It will make you believe in the power of [...]

    Carla s Five Star ReviewWow This book is simply phenomenal and a much needed breath of fresh air Thomas Wells life has been anything but easy His mother walked out when he was just a toddler and left him with his abusive, alcoholic father With every slap and every curse, Thomas became determined to fulfill his dream of becoming a Navy SEAL What he didn t plan for was to meet the love of his life, Halo, at just 17 She was his light in the darkness Fast forward a few years, the two are happily ma [...]

    A different take on of second chance love.I haven t read S C Stephens since the Thoughtless trilogy It was good to re connect with this author.

    I fell in love with the writing in this book You can feel the emotion come out from each page, I was hooked from the first page.Halo and Thomas met a swim meet when she was 15 he was 17 and, practically became inseparable He was from the wrong part of town with a chip on his shoulder due to a terrible childhood who wants to prove he is something and dreams of becoming a Navy Seal Halo is the sweet shy girl who always saw how special Thomas was regardless of his need to prove his worth He truly w [...]

    Red Cheeks Reads
    I m going to start this spoiler free review by saying that I really don t want to give away anything about this story at all, so there will be no quotes, no teasers, no discussions of the plot or the characters in this review My instincts just told me that it would be best to experience Halo organically, so I was careful to avoid anything with spoilers I m glad I did, and I believe it s how I think everyone should approach this particular story.Halo story hooked me from the very beginning This s [...]

    Karen Hrdlicka
    Halo by RC Stephens reinforces the power of love in the reader s mind I was intrigued when I read the blurb and could not wait to read Halo I think I ll always have a soft spot in my heart for a bad boy with a terrible home life, since they mirror my husband s upbringing Thomas mother left when he was young and his father treated him cruelly If not for a gentle neighbor, his future could have been nonexistent His dream was to become a Navy SEAL, however when he met Halo this dream was delayed On [...]

    Jessica Alcazar
    My first experience with R.C Stephens and just WOW I can t really tell you what specific characteristic of this book story stood out and wow d me because it all was captivating and intriguing This is not just a romantic journey story It s a story of growth and family and friendship, first love, soulmates, second chances and redemption and life and every one of those aspects is what drew me in and kept me going, reading this in one sitting.As you know from the blurb there is a huge revelation tha [...]

    Okay this book was so predictable except for the twist which was predictable PLUS ludicrous There are a couple of good reviews that explain the ridiculousness so I won t go into it in detail Suffice it to say, there is no way you wouldn t recognize your husband in the case as presented Hmm, maybe this author is not for me.

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    I ended up skim reading this bookt able to connect with the characters or storyline one star

    Angela DeMarco
    4.5 Stars I will always come back to you, Halo, even in the dark I will find you You are my Halo Halo is the second book I have read by RC Stephens, Dick being the first I loved both of them.This is the story of Halo and Thomas, two people from complete opposite sides of the tracks, who meet at a young age, and fell in love Their love is like no another, a love that is pure and unbreakable A true testament of what a soul mate is Halo is emotional, gripping, romantic, and truly a beautiful love s [...]

    HaloR C Stephens4.5 starsWhat a book Meeting the love of her life at sweet sixteen Halo vowed to support Thomas in all his dreams As big as they were being a Navy Seal she knew came with hard times Sticking by the man she has loved she knows the way has changed him Thinking a child is going to help him heal she instead gets a reaction that no woman wants to hear Thomas has had a gray life His mother left leaving him with a father that was abusive and drank too much Turning those emotions into de [...]

    Jennifer Pierson
    Halo Pearson fell in love with Thomas Well, knowing he was her forever At sixteen, she gave him her heart, and they were married young Thomas becomes a Navy SEAL, and after his first tour, he comes home broken, while refusing to let anyone in After she tells him that she s pregnant, he leaves her, and goes back to the war with no goodbye Then divorce papers show up, and Halo s heart is broken, but having her baby keeps her from really breaking down The night she goes into labor, she takes a cab [...]

    Tiffany Readz
    Good Read, Great Twist The blurb instantly attracted me to this book and boy, it wasn t anything I imagined it to be Halo was a book of surprises from beginning until the end We travel from past to present and back again getting the full effect of what the past has done to the present life of both Thomas and Halo.Halo the name grew on me met the love of her life at sixteen and lost him a few years later Actually, they were both a little lost when they met, however as they got older, the problems [...]

    Wendy Livingstone
    This is the first time I have read any of this authors work, and my word, it will not be the last Halo and Thomas met and fell in love as teenagers, and they always knew that they were soul mates, and their love would last forever Thomas had an awful childhood, and his dream was to become a navy seal After each deployment he changed as things he has seen and done haunted him When Halo tells him she is pregnant he runs, and sends divorce papers While in hospital Halo meets Ryder who is an ex seal [...]

    3 3.5 starsHalo by Author R C Stephens is a new, standalone, contemporary romance novel It is a second chance at love story You re my Halo, my ray of light I will always find my way back to you When Halo first laid eyes on Thomas, a spark was generated That spark grew into so much , leading to love and marriage Thomas knew Halo was the one for him, and he wasn t letting her go Though young, they had a love that was everlasting, or so it seemed I will always love you You are the light in my darkn [...]

    Le Ann Foster
    Reviewed for Hooked On Books I gave this book 4.5 stars From the start to the finish I don t think I had a dry eye This book hold so many emotions from joy to down right heartbreak These 3 characters have such soul kind love that it s scary The storyline will keep you wanting I highly recommend reading this book Not only do you get a strong female character but you get two Alpha Navy Seal men Halo and Thomas love story starts when she was 16 and by 25 Thomas has broken her heart Ryder comes alo [...]

    Debbie DiFiore
    Very niceI knew the twist the moment I read the first chapter and for the first time I am not going to spoil anything I did have a hard time getting into it though It just felt slow And I have to admit I don t really like the NA genre This one was tamer than most but I don t like graphic sex and some of the crude language used And I am older so maybe I just don t relate as well to them I want subtle romance I guess But regardless this was a very good story I loved the main characters, Ryder Tho [...]

    ★¸. • * ° *Kathy,Ahmazing Book Faerie*°°*•.¸. ♥★
    Thomas WellsRyder St JohnHalo PearsonDamn this couldnotputdownincasesomethinghappened book I read this in an afternoon, and loved it This has all the feels, it s happy, romantic, sad, shocking, and everything in between, but above all the reader feels every emotion You will need tissues for this one.If you have read anything by Mia Sheridan, then this is a must read for you, it s very emotional, just like Ms Sheridan writes, and it will pull right on your heartstrings.An amazingly beautiful read [...]

    Patricia Maia (The Bookery Review)
    The blurb of this book intrigued me, and although pretty predictable, this book is all about second chances In love, in life this is really a beautiful story Angsty, heartbreaking and hopeful this is the love story between Halo and Thomas Since a young age, they connected immediately Thomas had a dream, to become a Navy SEAL and will do everything to make that dream come true Halo is a very understanding woman and accept Thomas decisions, supporting him with everything she can.After some tragic [...]

    Just finished and cried like a baby.Halo that girl is amazing , the life she had and stuff thrown her way.Strong is an understatement.But life throws things at us and things we can t understand.But mr St John and halo Are perfect.The story will make you need to keep reading and not stop , cry shout and cry then a perfect ending The war is a sad thing and the things the army , seal many see will stay with them forever.This book brought things home.Well written

    Loved this book Such a great journey.4.5 stars I usually don t care for flashback to past books but you just have to have them to understand and build the bond Halo is such a strong heroinewho loves her husband unconditionally LOVE, Loved it

    • [PDF] Halo | by ✓ R.C. Stephens
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