Unlimited Injustice For All - by Scott Pratt #2022

Unlimited Injustice For All - by Scott Pratt, Injustice For All, Scott Pratt, Injustice For All A criminal court judge is found hanging from a tree A young employee of the district attorney s office goes missing In this third book of the best selling Joe Dillard series Dillard finds himself in the middle of two volatile mysteries The primary suspect in the judge s murder is Dillard s son s best friend and Dillard s wife may have destroyed evidence Meanwhile thA criminal Unlimited Injustice For All - by Scott Pratt - Injustice For All, Injustice For All A criminal court judge is found hanging from a tree A young employee of the district attorney s office goes missing In this third book of the best selling Joe Dillard series Dillard finds himself in
  • Title: Injustice For All
  • Author: Scott Pratt
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 127
  • Format: Kindle Edition

  • Injustice For All By Scott Pratt Unlimited Injustice For All - by Scott Pratt - Injustice For All, Injustice For All A criminal court judge is found hanging from a tree A young employee of the district attorney s office goes missing In this third book of the best selling Joe Dillard series Dillard finds himself in
    Scott Pratt
    Scott Pratt was born in South Haven, Michigan, in 1956, and grew up in Jonesborough, Tennessee He is a veteran of the United States Air Force and earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in English from East Tennessee State University and a Doctor of Jurisprudence from the University of Tennessee He lives in Johnson City, Tennessee, with his wife and four dogs.

    Injustice For All By Scott Pratt

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    Wow Just a great story I was tempted to give this one a 5, but held back a little I only have a couple minor complaints with the story First is the un tagged back and forth time sequences with Katie Hannah If only there had been some hint in the chapter headings or something to clue you in instead of having to re read sections in the text body to figure out that he had jumped back a decade or two That was a bit grating I also felt that all the plot threads got tied up maybe a little too neatly i [...]

    This is the third book I ve read in the author s series featuring Tennessee lawyer Joe Dillard, and I continue to be amazed at how much I m enjoying them This is the best so far, IMHO I didn t want to put it down just ask my husband, who was forced to eat an extra late dinner one day when I had just a few chapters left to read Dillard has moved from a defense attorney to the prosecutor s office, but from both sides now he s had to deal with the same hard nosed, unfair and vindictive criminal cou [...]

    Out of the three Joe Dillard novels I have read so far this is by far the best one Pratt does a great job of bringing together a few storylines so that they all make sense by the end of the book.I have no complaints about this one at all Seeing Dillard grow both personally and professionally has been one of the highlights of this series although, the crimes and trials are also very interesting.Another quick read by Pratt I find his books to be incredibly fast paced and captivating This series is [...]

    This has potential to be a good story, a real page turner that suffered from multiple shifts in time sequences and characters.Joe Dillard is a former defense attorney turned prosecutor When his friend commits suicide because of some ill treatment by a local judge, everything begins to unravel as the friend s son is sought for the murder and Dillard s boss asks him to file charges that Dillard considers unethical Oh yes, he s also haunted by the execution of an innocent client And, oh yes, his wi [...]

    Brian O'Leary
    Scott Pratt has created a great main character in Joe Dillard I recommend to anyone who like courtroom dramas where they are trying to solve the case as the case is being tried.

    The third book in the Joe Dillard series and fast becoming a favorite series in the legal genre Joe s a good lawyer, a good husband and a good father I like his normalcy and his sense of integrity After than a decade working as a criminal defense lawyer, he s now working as an assistant D.A in Washington county, Tennessee, under District Attorney, Lee Mooney, who since the last book Joe has his doubts about Joe can t proof it, but there s something shady and fraudulent about the D.A and when th [...]

    This Joe Dillard mystery thriller from author Scott Pratt was easily far better than the first two books in his series Injustice For All , is a captivating tale of greed, betrayal, misuse of power, and murder The book is told inside two different time periods throughout, until at the conclusion both story lines come together with an incredible shocker Joe is still working for the shady D.A Lee Mooney some three years past when book two in series finished up, In Good Faith Mooney has somewhat fel [...]

    Susan Moore
    ADA Dillard is good man and likeable character.Scott Pratt s writing style reminds me of Grisham and Sandford I enjoy the thrill of the stories, the amazing friendships and family connections, and the crazy evilness of both good and bad guys.In this book, his best friend, Ray Miller, is royally picked on by Judge Green to the point of financial ruin because Ray can t stand him and he isn t afraid of him Because of Green s revenge, Ray has to declare bankruptcy, loses his ability to practice law, [...]

    Tracie Payne
    My absolute favorite so far Oh my lord this book had me on a roller coaster Lots of twists and turns and holy shit moments I still freaking adore Joe Just love him and I m in love with this series Excellent audibles too.

    Kimberly Hicks
    Joe Dillard is such a likable character, I forget sometimes that he doesn t truly exist, or does he To think of an honest lawyer, one would think that isn t possible, but Dillard is about as straight laced as an attorney could possibly go.This story was mentally draining due to the multitude of scenarios that unfolded His longtime friend, Ray Miller, who is also an attorney, had trouble keeping his emotions in check, especially when it came to dealing with Judge Green But Judge Green had several [...]

    Stanley McShane
    Oh yes, this scenario is not uncommon in the real world, but is something as hard to accept as the violation of a priest A judge, hiding his own agenda, wields enough power with a personal grudge against certain attorneys with whom he will not give a proper shake no matter the circumstances Joe Dillard and his best friend Ray have run up against him before and have usually carefully navigated the waters Unfortunately, this time Ray is pushed too far, and the judge can demonstrate who really has [...]

    Diane D White
    It s Beginning to HurtYou know about how when you care for someone, what hurts them hurts you too Scott Pratt artfully managed to make me like his protagonist Joe Dillard in Book 1 of this series and begin to love him a little in Book 2 Now, in Book 3, Pratt had me aching with Dillard s own pain and angry resolve to keep mustering enough will and energy to fight the never ending battle of good against evil Poor Joe mid life he still wakes screaming from nightmares about past violence, he sees fr [...]

    Gloria Bernal
    Did not disappoint I am loving this series featuring likable lawyer, Joe Dillard In this one, Joe s best friend, Ray also an attorney , loses everything as his reputation is thrashed by an unpopular judge Despondent over money problems and what this has done to his family, Ray commits suicide in the courtroom after unsuccessfully attempting to kill the despicable judge Shortly afterward, the horrible Judge is found hanging by a tree, his charred body burned beyond recognition Not many care, but [...]

    Alan Marston
    Joe Dillard witnesses one of his lawyer friends being denigrated by an unpopular and somewhat power mad judge His friend then commits suicide in court in front of that same judge, who is later found hanging from a tree outside his own home Joe s family are involved because his friend s wife is also a close friend of Joe s wife, and Joe s son is best friends with the Miller s son who becomes the main suspect in the murder inquiry.What this story shows is just how corrupt officials can be the judg [...]

    If you haven t read the first two books in the series, I recommend that you do so The character development is important to get a good understanding for what happens in this book.I struggled a little bit with the time jumping in this one This one has two crime stories in one, which is great It s complex and intriguing to see how it all fits together There s a bit of a twist for each story too, which is a lot of fun.I don t think I like how we re running through TBI agents though I d like to get [...]

    Jan Carpenter
    Good SeriesGood series if you like crime suspense I ve read the first three in this series and each moves quickly There are some vulgar parts but the characters are so well developed and the twists and turns are so suspenseful that I can easily overlook those scenes I did not review the first two books and doubt I will review another because they are all interesting and keep you reading on to the next event Goodness prevails although it certainly gives an alternate, not so flattering and highly [...]

    This is the 3rd in the series on Joe Dillard You gotta love this guy.If you like courtroom drama, suspense, mystery, this is it Joe is one of the good guys and as this opens he is still the Assitant District Attorney.This time Joe s friend and lawyer is in trouble, Ray Miller Ray and the present Judge Green just don t get along and Judge Green is out to destroy him Joe is also working the case of a missing employee of their office.You will get involved in cases with the Mexican Drug and Biker ga [...]

    Thanks Scott I have just devoured the first three JOE DILLARD books in one sitting.After I finish this review I plan on doing the same with the next four fantastic books and hope many will publish soon The depth of character , details of the law and place descriptions , make these some of the BEST LEGAL THRILLERS I HAVE READ IN YEARS These stories are not of them formula variety but are ORIGINAL , EXCITING, CAN T PUT DOWNBOOKS that make you become friends with the characters , and eagerly await [...]

    I love to read and read a ton, but I would be lying if i pretended my taste was intellectual than a good old murder mystery.This is the 4th book in this series I ve read, and I love them The author spins a good tale.Just a couple complaintse book switched POV s, but the switches didn t stay chronological It took me awhile sometimes before I realized we were talking about things that happened in the past and not the present I also don t know how I feel about the multiple plots that develop with [...]

    Yvonne Moncovich
    They get better and better Injustice For All is officially my favorite Joe Dillard series book, at least until I read the next one When Joes friend and fellow defense attorney Ray Miller is charged with contempt of court by Judge Green, no one can see where this is leading But that one action in a long line of personal vendettas issued from the bench will have lasting repercussions As if that s not enough a woman who works at the DAs office has gone missing It turns out no one really knew Hannah [...]

    After reading three of Pratt s books, and now starting the fourth, I have decided that I must be a fan The Joe Dillard series has an interesting main character that is likable and mostly relatable with good supporting characters The main character has continued to struggle and grow throughout the 3 books I ve read so far which, of course, makes him interesting too.Although Joe Dillard is an attorney there isn t a lot of courtroom or trial preparation The books center on a major crime, sometimes [...]

    Elaine Mayes
    I really liked the first two books in this series, but this one was a disappointment The plot seemed unfocused with too many characters and sub plots The book opens with a baseball scene that was so loosely tied to the plot that it just seems to float out there, anchored by nothing The POV shifts unexpectedly I had to backtrack a couple of times to see what was going on The characters just laid flat on the page for me However, I m likely to try the next in the series simply because I liked the f [...]

    This was another great read, and gives you lots to think about Sometimes one seemingly small thing can lead to your downfall And what would you do to protect someone you love

    4 Kimberley March 2017A very easy, fast legal, who done it, read For that reason alone, I really liked it, as I do enjoy a fast who done it read once in a while Of the 3 in the Joe Dillard series, I enjoyed this one the best so far Joe Dillard has recently switched from being the defence attorney to the prosecutor s office, having been sick and tired of having to defend the guilty scum bags While in court, he witnesses this asshole power hungry judge, berate his son s best friend s father family [...]

    Deborah Goff
    Pratt Never Disappoints I ve just discovered Scott Pratt and I m hooked Pratt has a way of weaving a story that keeps the raider turning the pages Joe Dillard is a former defense attorney now working for the DA s office He s dedicated himself to finding the truth and seeing justice served, but the road to justice for all is rocky and full of twists and turns Joe experiences a series of events that threaten to destroy his family, the family of his best friend, and his career With each Pratt novel [...]

    Debbie Oxier
    I just couldn t get into this one Even though it was well written and everything came together nicely in the end, I found myself skipping pages It was billed as a legal thriller but there was very little courtroom time which is what I was looking for I also didn t care much for the characters Joe Dillard was a good man, an excellent lawyer, very supportive of his wife Caroline, who is still suffering the aftermath of breast cancer, and a good father to his son, Jack Still, there was nothing abou [...]

    Nancy Silk
    An Intense Legal Thriller In this third book of the series, Joe Dillard is wrapped up with two mysteries One, a criminal court judge is found hanging from a tree two, a young female employee at the district attorney s office has gone missing A friend of Joe s son is a suspect of murdering the judge, while Joe s wife may have destroyed evidence Scott Pratt has developed his characters very well, as well as his quality writing and impressive story line I ve been swept into his novels and I ll cert [...]

    Carrie Wright
    I m hooked on this series I ve bought them all so I have the next one as soon as I finish one This one has some slow moments but I knew from past experience that it doesn t last for long until it picks up again This series has the same characters that you come to love and hate so I like that it s easy to follow No spoilers but things finally happen to the villains that I ve been waiting for since the first book Another great job Scott I m a fan

    I found this series in my Prime Lending Library along with Archer Mayor s Joe Gunther series and I am really enjoying it as it moves along and develops He always has multiple story lines going but in this book he does a really nice job of bringing them all together by the end Some of the plot lines are easy to see coming but it s still fun MINOR SPOILER ALERT this guy really has problems holding on to a job

    Lisa Donegan
    Move over John Grisham The BEST legal fiction I have read I ve been a practicing attorney for over 30 years, always in the area of criminal law, both as prosecutor and defense attorney NO ONE gets it like Scott Pratt I just keep wondering how I had missed this series Don t wait Read them all

    • Unlimited Injustice For All - by Scott Pratt
      127 Scott Pratt
    Injustice For All